Friday - August 12, 2011

Off With Their Heads
Dead to Me
The Riot Before
The Getback

10 bucks advance
12 the day of

Churchill's Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave

Thursday - November 3, 2011

AIDS Wolf, the preeminent Formalist/Unknown Wave trio, formed in Montreal, 2003.


and other guests TBA

Presale 8 bucks - day of 10

Churchill's Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave

September 13th - Rock the Bells

Friday the 26th of July, 2011


Pool Party
Horrible Houndogs
Bulletproof Tiger
Someone and the Somethings
To Be Hated
The Gun Hoes
DJ Skidmark
and surprise guest TBA

*2 Stages

Show starts at 9pm with or with out you

Don't forget your water wings and santa hats

like the Pool Party on Facebook:

Churchill's Pub
5501 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, Fl 33137

SATURDAY | JULY 16th 2011 | 10 PM

Grand Central presents 12TH PLANET

Limited $10 advance tickets onsale here:
18+ (presale only) // 21+ (door)

Like the mythological 12th Planet (popularized by controversial author Zecharia Sitchin), our 12th Planet flies perpendicular to the system. His beats are off axis and his subsonic frequencies send you into your own orbit. America's first king of dubstep is ready for impact.






Doors: 10 PM

More info at


1/26/2009 - Black Lips presale has been changed to the Wantickets site playing March 27, 2009, to clear up any confusion regarding the matter.

12/29/2008 - Black Lips are playing March 27, 2009, to clear up any confusion regarding the matter.

06/06/2008 - Chuck Loose and the boys over at Iron Forge Press did a bang up silkscreen poster for the Mudhoney show. Its on the right uner the one by Jose.

05/31/2008 - Mudhoney Tickets are selling for the Miami show at

12/13/2007 - High on Fire presale tix @

11/26/2007 - Deerhoof show pimped by Pitchfork.

10/5/2007 - New Release from Tuff Luvs - Party Dudes is liked quite a bit by Razorcake.

6/9/2007 - New Release from Tuff Luvs - Party Dudes played on MRR Radio week of 6/9/07; listen over here.

5/14/2007 - New Review for Tuff Luvs - Party Dudes from Sleazegrinder over here.
3/8/2007 - New Release from Tuff Luvs - Party Dudes.....out now, order direct over here.

3/6/2007 - Tuff Luvs full length in from the plant - due out soon.

2/15/2007 - Dead Hookers' Bridge Club are bizarrely featured on a made for Burger King XBOX game.

6/29/2006 - New Review from Sleazegrinder for the Remnants and also one for the Dead Hookers' Bridge Club.

6/29/2006 - New Album Album of mostly covers available from the Remnants for free over here.

06/02/2006 - mp3's up on our site to preview the albums over here.

05/08/2006 - The Hoo Dee Hoo from the Dead Hookers' Bridge Club is out now and available from New Art School over here.

05/08/2006 - We are proud to anounce the first release in our live series, High on Fire @ Churchill's from April 12, 2006. This can be purchased over here.

04/26/2006 - Patrice Yursik did a little write up on the Captured! by Robots show.

04/24/2006 - The Remnants 10" is out now. Get it here.

04/21/2006 - Ignore Magazine posted some cool ass High on Fire comments and pics.

04/20/2006 - Razorcake review for Tuff Luvs.

04/10/2006 - Awesome Cool Dudes !!! confirmed for July (oh hell yeah)

03/24/2006 - We are now offering presale tix right here. Look over to the left there.

03/09/2006 - New Map of the Universe single review over here

03/07/2006 - Tuff Luvs T-Shirts Now available over here

02/17/2006 - Tuff Luvs are playing on a few showcases at SXSW this year in Austin. Go to for updated tour dates.

1/18/2006 - New DNME Review up over here.

1/4/2006 - Everyone that came out to the A.C. show - Thanks! That was the bomb. If you missed it, just keep an eye out and maybe in another 8 or ten years a grind show that good will come along again....also Stay Tuned cause Nashville Pussy is coming down as well as a bunch of other great shows in 2006. Thanks for all the support.

12/23/2005 - Tuff Luvs 7" is finally out so grab that shit - Check it out over here

06/06/2005 - The DNME Album is finished pressed and in stores now. Buy it online here. or also
It is at Sweat Records in Dade County and Uncle Sam's in Broward County. Last of a Dying Breed is true Miami HC so pick it up now.

04/20/2005 - Welcome to the home of New Art School Records and Booking! Thanks for checking out our website. We are in the process of building it into working resource, so please bear with us. The message board is up now, so check for new updates and hateful talk over there.

We are always working on more underground and DIY shows and releases so definitely keep checking back. If you have any questions regarding anything you can always email us at

Thanks for all the support.

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